Company Profile


Private label detergents

Multihem is a midsized company, which was founded in 2002 in Strumica, Macedonia. From its beginnings, it has been specialized for production of liquid washing powders for cleaning as Private Labels for clients mostly in ex-Yugoslavian area. The company is broadening its market in France, Russia and Iceland. Its clinents are supermarket chains and distributing companies.
Multihem has specialized productive capacity, modern equipment, laboratory and stockroom that has capacity for production of different products and packing. The efficient productive capacity in combination with the significantly low local resources and labour force compared to foreign markets, make it possible for us to sell our products with little competitive prices. Through the years, the companty has shown growth in size, sale and stable financial position.

Since its first operating days, Multihem has been aiming towards highly-qualitative products and offers highly-qualitative service to its clients. Due to our highly-qualitative products, flexibility, reliability, honesty and environmental friendliness, we have succeeded in gaining the trust of many prominent companies-clients.


We consider the devlopment of Multihem in inclusive company-Protective union as our success also. Among its workers there are people with disability, who are considered to be equal to the rest of the workers and altogether contribute to the growth and development of the company. Thus our aim was to raise the public awareness for the needs of the disabled people and to support the decline of all barriers for these people.


Our company works according to a system of quality promotion that is based on ISO standards. Multihem has been ISO 9001 standardized. We are also proud of our IFS-HPC implementation.


Key Competences


Our mission in MULTIHEM is to create high quality products, which will win the trust of our clients and will fully meet all consumers needs and expectations.


Our vision in MULTIHEM is to become one of the top middle-sized companies for manufacturing Private Label detergents.